Tickled by Tulle

Soaked petals blow in the fan; one petal moves, one petal falls, curved green leaves ache their spines. Glass shatters—streaks along the floor, I grind my knees in it, I stay quiet, I watch the feet. Tick tock, the heels stab the floor, bony fingers, black-haired knuckles grasp thighs, I am tickled with tulle and […]

Fear in a Handful of Dust

“I will show you something different from either/ Your shadow at morning striding behind you/ Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you/ I will show you fear in a handful of dust.” ~T.S. Eliot                                 *************************************************************************** She sighs […]

Sigh of the Sea

This place has salted air. The sea and buttered popcorn create a damp, salty sweet that hangs captured in the heat. The waves hush the popping emitting from the red-striped machine and the noise of children squawking. Their sea-foam lips pull back with a sigh when the agitation continues. Bells ring when someone exits a […]

In Flames, I Dream

Rotted maggots and glowering teeth grow from these books. They growl at me, twisted and deformed. I try to reach for the spine, but the teeth snarl, snapping and spitting at my fingertips. Something groans from inside the fireplace. I look at the flames to see them contorting into ghostly shapes–lilting sparks creeping out of […]

The Castle Paradox

Pinned, she was. But, unsure if it bled. Caught in the voice of a second knight in armour, Towering with fair hair, and so charming in his eyes— But castles aren’t for maidens, and she would rather die, Than to sit in a castle of someone else’s making, To live under rule of patriarchal undertakings. […]